Local Gourmet Cheese

We are proud to partner with two local farms to provide you with a delicious array of gourmet soft and hard cheeses. Our all local cheese products are listed below and can be viewed by scrolling down.  Learn more about our farm partners here.

Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery takes pride in knowing every drop of milk that goes into their cheeses is derived from the natural forages their goats enjoy on their local farm. Specializing in soft cheeses such as Quark, Swiss and Feta.  We all know what Swiss and feta cheese are but, what is Quark?

Quark is a kind of soft, creamy, spreadable cheese that has been around for millennia and is known by different names in different countries. The most popular version of this cheese is Germany's Quark. It's very versatile and is used in both sweet and savory recipes.

Hufford Family Dairy, a family farm established in 1935 with a vision for “Farm to Table” dairy products. Crafting cheeses with only their raw hormone free milk in a USDA approved cheese room. Careful consideration to pasture management, forage quality, cow comfort and nutrition genetic improvement and facility cleanliness to help insure a consistent product. All cheeses age for 60 days before put on the shelf.


Pairs great with our Fresh Barn Salsa. 

Road2Wellness is a community and corporate initiative of The Wellness Barn in partnership with New Haven Chamber of Commerce.

R2W focuses on the whole person. Free information on Wellness Wednesdays with discounts and special offerings to all who enroll annually as a member. Community membership is just $12.

Great for family, friends, and businesses. R2W offers reasonable pricing, quality programming, and activities that help you be well!



New Haven Community Fitness Center: 7500 SR 930, Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Court Sponsor :
New Haven Parks & Recreation


Hoosier Pickleball will be the professionals providing the traininers for all the lessons, leagues, and clinics. They are a R2W partner.

Road2Wellness was developed by The Wellness Barn to help people in communities and corporations gain knowledge, avenues and outlets to be well. We’d love for you to share in this journey - help spread the word, and …

Let’s grow well together! 💙