Cows are raised using free pasture access, hay supplement when needed, and non-GMO grain ration/portion. Our farm partners raise without hormones or antibiotics.  We minimally process the meat to give you the cleanest and most natural product – no MSG, nitrates, colors, or fillers. Beef is sold by the side in quarters, halves, three quarters, or whole.  We let our customers have it processed the way they want it.  Current beef price is $3.95/lb hung weight - this includes standard processing (special processing costs extra). To order see the schedule of dates below. Orders can be placed up to 6 months ahead on a first come first serve basis.

2023 Order Dates

February - sold out | April - sold out  | June- open  | August - open | October - open | December - open 

Order pick up is about 3-4 weeks after the date listed above. Click the button below to email us about placing your beef order! Bundles and retail available in store.

Store Location: 840 SR 930 E, New Haven IN 46774